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Field Service Vision 2023 Report

Field Service Vision 2023 Report

The Field Service Vision 2023 Report shows how enterprises are navigating a challenging economy by transforming their field service operations.

Leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI) to boost efficiency

Operations and efficiency can be improved through remote visual assistance, visual self-service intelligence and the use of advanced AI capabilities.

AI and AR crucial

The report highlights the critical role of visual technologies like AI and AR and their potential to significantly improve efficiency, performance and customer experience.

Despite the recognition of these technologies’ impact, adoption rates remain low, with companies struggling to integrate new solutions into existing systems.

Optimise and transform

The report advocates for a strategic blend of optimisation and transformation.

Businesses can leverage visual engagement to bridge the gap between current operational capacities and future service demands, ensuring substantial savings and enhanced service delivery.

Why now?

Economic uncertainty and rising customer expectations are pushing field service leaders to look for new, innovative solutions to today’s market challenges.

This report explores how today’s leading innovators are using a new class of technologies to meet their 2024 efficiency and performance objectives.

Actionable guidance

Based on data and insights from across TechSee’s global ecosystem of service leaders, this report provides actionable guidance, strategic insight and real-world case studies that will inform, inspire and challenge your thinking.

Topics include:

  • Practical strategies for maximising new technology impact with limited resources
  • How visual technology is reshaping field service operations
  • The growing role of field service virtualisation in meeting efficiency objectives
  • Real-world case studies demonstrating the practical impact of this approach

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