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At Donnabrook we are focused on helping organisations address key issues relating to communications and collaboration and in turn help align business with IT allowing you to approach the competitor chain differently.   

Directly, we are helping companies: 


Reduce Costs – by consolidating your messaging, video and phone into one service you can save money and more importantly save TIME;

Simplify management and support – One single service, one vendor, only Internet required so you will have 4G as a back up.  All upgrades embedded into the service.

Flexibility and Scale – work from any device, anywhere, anytime.  Add users with just a few clicks.  New office locations do not need to be daunting.

Employee Experience – use the same common interface with your colleagues.  With greater access to multiple options to communicate the overall experience improves. 


Customer Experience - integrate your communications into your CRM or other core systems.  Engage customer enquiries through multiple channels; Twitter, Facebook, email, chat


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