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TechSee: Revolutionising remote visual guidance

TechSee is a globally recognised vendor in remote visual guidance, offering a suite of services that are revolutionising customer support and field service operations.

RingCentral: Unified cloud communications pioneer

RingCentral: Unified cloud communications pioneer

Largely considered the stand-out global leader across many measurements and industry bodies, they bring an excellent track record and considerable strengths across key areas: functionality, security, reporting and analytics, integration, and overall risk profile.

8x8: Complete cloud communication platform

8x8 delivers an integrated cloud communications platform that combines voice, video, chat and contact centre solutions, emphasising reliability and advanced analytics.

Vonage: Open cloud communications innovator

Vonage offers a highly flexible and scalable UCaaS solution known for its robust API platform that allows for extensive customisation and integration capabilities.

Nice inContact: Customer experience elevated

NICE inContact specialises in cloud contact centre solutions, providing advanced customer experience management with strong analytics and automation features.

Dialpad: AI communications platform

Dialpad stands out for its AI-driven communications platform, offering voice, video and messaging services with unique features like real-time voice transcription and AI-powered insights.

Zoom: Collaboration and communication redefined

Zoom is renowned for its user-friendly video conferencing services, and has expanded into a comprehensive UCaaS provider, offering reliable and high-quality video, voice and chat capabilities.

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