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Donnabrook was the name of my farm growing up in Canada just an hour north of Toronto (see above). "Donna" is my Mum's middle name and "Brook" was a small spring-fed brook that fed into our duck and geese laden pond.  

I have memories of constant hard work and hard laughs growing up there and thought that appropriate for the name. 

I have been selling technology for 25 years for small and large companies like Telstra and Lendlease.  7 years ago we moved to Newcastle after 20 years at Bondi Beach.  I love it here.


Sydney is always there and the rest of the country at my door-step with our local airport able to take me anywhere.    I enjoy spending time with my 3 children and partner and when I have time, watching rugby union (after playing for several years), playing ice hockey, ultimate frisbee and squash, and making a bit of music playing piano and guitar.

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