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Donnabrook & TechSee:
Pioneers in augmented vision for enhanced customer experience in Australia

Elevate business with remote visual support, augmented reality and AI for enhanced customer experience and field services.​
Field services remote technicians using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

TechSee augmented vision: transforming customer and field service interactions

In a country with the tyranny of distance and a relatively low population density, the average truck deployment can be 2-4 times higher than in other countries.

When began our partnership with TechSee in 2023, we wanted to meet the need for enhanced and augmented remote visual guidance and support in Australia.

A field services remote technician using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

The power of augmented vision in customer support

We recognised the need for contact centres in customer support situations, making decisions based on a description of a problem over the phone. Augmented vision empowers a call centre to meet customer needs rapidly and effectively.

Applications and use cases for TechSee augmented vision

Typical cases could be a property maintenance request, a warranty call for broken white goods, a remote water pump or other complex asset. In a business-to-business scenario, it could be a field service agent requiring more information or guidance.

The tactical ability to augment a support call with an intelligent, adaptive visual guidance platform has many benefits:

  • Reduces truck deployments
  • Makes them more effective when trucks are deployed
  • Provides an overall faster turnaround of resolution
  • Greatly improves customer experience
  • Reduce carbon emissions by reducing truck rolls.

Why TechSee?

Following our decision to find a remote visual guidance partner, we chose to partner with TechSee because of its alliance with Salesforce, its adoption by Oracle Field Services and its global advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and augmented reality.

Live visual tactical engagement

The TechSee platform was initially launched providing live visual tactical engagement, called TechSee Live and Self-Service Visual Journeys.

AI-powered natural customer experiences

It has now embraced AI-powered natural customer experiences across video, voice and chat, called Sophie AI.

TechSee Sophie Assistant, powered by AI

TechSee augmented vision overview
— from the industry

TechSee revolutionises the customer experience domain with the first remote visual assistance platform powered by AI and Augmented Reality (AR). 

With TechSee, customers and technicians receive remote visual support through their mobile screens, in assisted-service or self-service mode, with patented browser-based technology. The TechSee app helps organisations enhance service quality, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.

TechSee round C funding

TechSee has recently announced round C funding led by Salesforce Ventures, OurCrowd and Telus. This was followed by the launch of a strategic partnership with Salesforce, powering the ‘Visual Remote Assistant’ for Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service.

TechSee’s footprint and industry recognition

Supported by proprietary computer vision AI technology, TechSee’s proven enterprise-grade solutions are implemented across hundreds of service organisations in 43 countries with over 2 million monthly customer interactions. These include industries like telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, utilities and more.

TechSee has received several awards including:

  • Gartner Cool Vendor award
  • Accenture Innovation Award
  • AI Breakthrough Awards
  • Fast Company Most Innovative Companies Award.

TechSee: Augmented vision at your fingertips

Augmented vision from TechSee enhances customer support and service interactions by combining AI and Augmented Reality (AR). It is revolutionising the field of customer support.

This technology overlays digital information onto the physical world, enhancing the human ability to perceive and interact with their surroundings. In customer support, augmented vision offers a transformative approach, significantly improving efficiency, accuracy, and the overall customer experience.

A remote technician using TechSee remote visual support

Benefits of TechSee’s remote augmented vision

See how we're strengthening customer engagement in Australia with TechSee


Visual intelligence for technician job verification

  • Reduction repeat visits
  • 95% AI accuracy
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in call volume


Supporting new services rollout with visual assistance

  • Operations costs savings – major reduction in truck roll-outs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased first contact resolution
  • Reduction in tech dispatches


Innovating customer engagement

  • Reduction in virtual service calls by more than 200,000
  • Reduction in daily truck rolls of 4,000
  • $24m in cost savings
  • 8,000 tons of gas emissions eliminated


Increase first contact resolution by 20%

  • 37% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 20% increase in FCR
  • GBP 100K reductions in monthly operating costs
  • 20% reduction overall in tech dispatch rate


Improve service delivery and reduce costs

  • Reduced truck rolls
  • Increased first-time fix rate
  • Reduced response time
  • Improved time to resolution


Achieves world-class health & safety compliance

  • Increased SLA adherence
  • Decreased training time
  • Decreased overtime spend
  • Increased remote resolution rate

Transform customer and field service interactions

A remote technician using TechSee remote visual support

TechSee platform benefits

What customers are saying: TechSee reviews

Industries using TechSee and remote visual guidance around the world include telecommunications, consumer electronics, security, insurance, construction, transport and healthcare.


    Scott Petty, Chief Technology Officer

    Partnering with computer vision technology company, TechSee, Vodafone is giving customers a personalised, immersive guide to getting connected. Every step is 100% digital through the MyVodafone app and my colleagues in Spain have seen a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction and an increase in first-time resolution rates.

    Acuity Brands, Inc
      Acuity Brands, Inc

      Tristian Yeats, Technical Support Lead

      With the pandemic people were very concerned… to be able to use TechSee to virtually enter someone’s home and still alleviate their concerns about their help has been something we couldn’t replicate before.


        Rob Breedon, UK & Ire Field Service Manager

        TechSee helps with the ABB sustainability culture as we are reducing the number of miles by over 2,000 a month in the UK alone. We are not having to send engineers out on site on jobs which are simple fixes while proactively diagnosing problems and improving FTF rate.

        A customer support agent using TechSee to provide remote visual real-time assessment and self-service visual intelligence

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