The value of cloud unified communications for NDIS providers

The value of cloud telephony services to NDIS providers and employees

Cloud Telephony

With reforms underway and tighter scrutiny by the NDIA and NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission due to trends like fraud and overspending of NDIS funding, it’s critical for providers to have flexible, easy-to-manage, integrated systems in place to meet change. These are essential to help address NDIS obligations, as well as common operational challenges, often including rostering, scheduling, claims, recruiting, and keeping staff. Yes, this is both obvious and not easy.

One often overlooked easy solution is to use a cloud telephony service rather than mobile numbers to call participants or related contacts. These services are subscription-based, much like Office 365 or Xero, and can enable NDIS providers and staff to manage and monitor their own call activity. Calls can be made from a personal handset (through a simple app), desktop or tablet. 

Based on discussions with NDIS clients, providers, and auditors, we have compiled a list of potential values from using a cloud telephony service. We are using the leading 3 global telephony vendors as a benchmark.

Cost-effective, flexible and easy to manage

Cloud telephony services typically cost less than traditional telco carriers’ mobile plans. As subscription-based services, they can provide adaptable cost structures that align with your number of care workers.  Log in to your portal and easily add new extensions to the call handling rules you apply or have pre-set.

 Improve and simplify compliance and claims

Automate call logging and integrate it into your CRM to reduce the effort required to meet NDIS reporting requirements. Facilitate non-face-to-face telephone call claims and improve the management of private health information. Detailed and readily accessible call details can accessed and presented in customised or pre-set reports for individuals or groups. For example, you may want a report on all calls 15 minutes or longer to participants the last week for a possible claim or set an alert for an increase in the frequency of calls to or from a participant over the last month, which may indicate a reassessment should be considered. Finally, you may have a complaint and need to access details relating to a phone call at a specific date and time. 

Manage calls to deliver a better participant experience 

The providers and staff can manage call-handling rules through a web portal to ensure participants or their supporters always have someone to take their phone calls. Redirections for emergency and evacuation procedures, a staff change, and a care worker on leave or unwell can all be managed through a range of call-handling options you control to ensure seamless communication with participants and align with the best practice experience you want to provide.

NDIS code of conduct and audits

The NDIS Code of Conduct ensures that providers uphold ethical standards, participant rights, and quality care. Readily available call metrics from cloud telephony services support this by enabling detailed monitoring and recording/transcription (optional) of all communications. As an NDIS provider, this helps you demonstrate transparency, accountability and compliance with the Code.  These metrics also help in audit readiness and continuous improvement of service quality, reinforcing trust and compliance with NDIS standards.

What’s in it for the staff?

A cloud telephony extension provided to staff allows them to make calls from any device, including a personal handset (not a personal mobile number), a PC or a tablet. With a BYOD policy, it easily separates work from personal calls by simply using a different button on the handset to make calls. It allows staff to disconnect by enabling call redirection outside contracted hours and a time and date of their choosing. Automated call metrics may reduce administrative burden and improve claim processes. Additionally, by offering flexible call-handling options, staff can ensure participants under their care have seamless communication if they are absent for any reason.


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