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2023 Customer Service in Statistics

The 2023 Customer Service in Statistics – 2023 Edition

Planning for success in a challenging economy

The 2023 edition of Customer Service in Statistics by TechSee emphasises the transformative impact of AI on customer service.

AI adds value

It showcases the value of integrating AI into customer service — it not only enhances customer engagement but also makes organisations more resilient.

Key stats

Key statistics reveal significant customer expectations:

  • 88% demand more than 5 years ago
  • 94% would repurchase based on positive experiences
  • 73% would switch brands due to poor service

Adopt AI and AR

The report highlights the value of adopting AI and AR technologies to meet these evolving demands and improve business outcomes.

2023 Customer Service in Statistics

2023 Customer Service in Statistics is a deep dive into the most relevant and popular customer service data points and how TechSee’s advanced AI capabilities drive improvement in these areas.

Key KPIs

It highlights the key KPIs that affect customer engagement. The report explores the observations and data that influence the customer and agent experience. It shows how TechSee enhances these offerings through its industry-leading capabilities.

Leveraging AI to enhance customer service

With businesses increasing the adoption of technology to address customer-centric needs, TechSee is leading the charge by leveraging AI to enhance customer service practices.

TechSee and Donnabrook

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