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Transform your business with remote visual support solutions

Elevate business with remote visual support, augmented reality and AI for enhanced customer experience and field services.​
A field services remote technician using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Unlocking the power of remote visual support technologies: transforming the way we collaborate and solve problems

Today we’re seeking innovative solutions to bridge the gap between home and office and to optimise our collaboration.

Remote Visual Support (RVS) technologies have emerged as a transformative force, revolutionising the way we communicate, troubleshoot and provide real-time assistance.

What is remote visual support?

RVS uses advanced technologies to share live video and audio feeds between individuals or teams, allowing them to collaboratively diagnose, troubleshoot and solve problems in real time.

Key features and advantages

Applications of remote visual support

Icon: Maintenance

Field service and maintenance

Technicians can receive real-time guidance from remote experts while conducting maintenance or repairs onsite, reducing service time and increasing first-time fix rates.

Icon: Medical

Healthcare and telemedicine

Doctors can remotely examine patients, collaborate with specialists and provide medical guidance to other healthcare professionals, improving access to medical expertise.

Icon: Manufacturing

Manufacturing and quality control

Remote Visual Support ensures that quality control inspections can be performed remotely, maintaining product standards and reducing manufacturing downtime.

Retail and customer support

Customer support teams can engage in live video sessions with customers to troubleshoot issues with products or guide them through setup processes.

Icon: Construction and engineering

Construction and engineering

Architects and engineers can remotely assist onsite personnel during complex construction projects, increasing accuracy and adherence to design specifications.

Icon: Education

Education and training

Educators can conduct virtual classrooms, workshops, and training sessions, offering personalised guidance to learners from anywhere in the world.

Enhancing customer experience in contact centres with remote visual support technologies

In the dynamic landscape of modern customer service, contact centres play a pivotal role in shaping the overall customer experience. RVS technologies revolutionise contact centres and elevate customer satisfaction.

Understanding remote visual support in contact centres

Remote Visual Support in contact centres refers to providing live video assistance to customers in real-time. By enabling agents to see and interact with the customer’s environment through their smartphone or other connected devices, Remote Visual Support empowers agents to address issues more effectively and efficiently with the power of vision.

The benefits of remote visual support in contact centres

Remote Visual Support adds a human touch to customer interactions. Agents can visually connect with customers, understand their unique needs and offer tailored solutions, leading to more personalised assistance.

A customer support agent using TechSee cloud communications to transform the way they communicate with customers
A healthcare worker using RingCentral's cloud communication technology to communicate faster

Troubleshoot faster

Visual clarity allows agents to diagnose problems accurately and swiftly. Agents can guide customers step-by-step through troubleshooting processes, reducing the Average Handling Time (AHT) and improving first-call resolution rates. Remote visual guidance has helped reduce AHT by over 50%.

Solve complex problems

With remote visual support, complex issues can often be resolved without escalations or transfers to specialised teams. This streamlines the customer journey and minimises frustration.

Mechanic using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance
Worker using TechSee remote visual support for training

Enhance onboarding and training

Remote visual support makes onboarding and training a breeze for new customers or employees. Agents can demonstrate product usage, features and best practices visually, facilitating a smoother learning process.

Boost customer satisfaction

Customers who receive prompt and effective assistance using remote visual support develop trust in the brand. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates for the company.

A technician fixing solar panels

Lift field work efficiency

Remote visual support is invaluable for field service agents who can collaborate with remote experts, access real-time guidance, and document work in progress, leading to increased field service efficiency.

Integrate remote visual support across the customer journey

A customer support agent using TechSee cloud communications to transform the way they communicate with customers

See how contact centres are using remote visual support to improve customer experience

Revolutionising field services: the power of remote visual support services

For industries that heavily rely on field services, such as maintenance, construction and utilities, remote visual support services have emerged as a transformative tool

Combining advanced technology with human expertise

By combining advanced technology with human expertise, these services are redefining how field services are delivered, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs and ultimately transforming how businesses engage with their customers.

Real-time visual communication

Remote visual support services enable real-time visual communication between field technicians and remote experts or support teams.

Collaborate globally

These services empower technicians to collaborate with experts worldwide, instantly accessing their guidance and knowledge through live video and audio feeds. This seamless connection transcends geographical barriers, making it a game-changer for businesses with field service operations.

A field services remote technician using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Transformative benefits for businesses utilising field services

A customer using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Real-world applications of remote visual support services

Integrating remote visual support services is rapidly reshaping the landscape of field services. Businesses that leverage this technology gain a competitive edge, optimising their operations, increasing customer satisfaction and fostering innovation.

Telecom and network maintenance

Telecom companies can remotely support field technicians in troubleshooting network issues, reducing the need to dispatch specialised technicians to the site.

Manufacturing equipment maintenance

Manufacturers can provide remote support to technicians performing maintenance on complex machinery, improving the efficiency of repair processes.

Utilities and energy sector

Energy providers can remotely guide technicians in resolving power outages or equipment malfunctions, minimising customer downtime.

Construction and infrastructure projects

Remote visual support enables architects and engineers to collaborate with onsite teams during construction projects, increasing adherence to specifications and quality standards.

A customer using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Visual engagement platforms with computer vision AI and augmented reality: pioneering the future of business

Visual engagement platforms powered by computer vision AI and augmented reality (AR) are leading the technological revolution in the business landscape.

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