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Transforming healthcare through unified communication and cloud technologies

Discover how we help healthcare organisations leverage unified communication, cloud tech and remote visual support for enhanced care.

The impact of unified communications in healthcare

Healthcare providers are encountering more stringent legislation, intensifying competition and shrinking profit margins. Despite these challenges, providers have the opportunity to flourish in the changing medical environment by adopting cloud technologies that allow greater flexibility.

By deploying integrated unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact centre as a service (CCaaS) platforms, healthcare providers can improve the doctor, patient and participant experience.

Healthcare professional using the RingCentral app to enhance care and collaborate better

The benefits of adopting unified communications

Improve privacy and maintain compliance with a UCaaS cloud telephony service

A modern cloud unified communications platform like RingCentral handles content that includes phone calls, faxes, voicemails, voice recordings, video conferences, shared files, web chat, emails and other forms of communication that are transmitted and stored in the unified communications as a service platform.

Locally held data in Australia

All of this data is held with the UCaaS provider and retained within Australia. UCaaS platforms often have robust security measures, such as end-to-end encryption and secure data storage, which help protect sensitive participant information and ensure compliance with the Australian Privacy Act.

Optimise staffing through rich data collection presents usable business intelligence

With an integrated cloud communications system from a UCaaS service, a healthcare practice obtains data on every interaction.

Through customised and pre-set reports, this data enables review and adjustment of employee performance.

Healthcare professional using the RingCentral app to enhance care and collaborate better
Healthcare professional using the RingCentral app to enhance care and collaborate better

Play to your staff’s strengths

For instance, it might be observed that one intake coordinator excels at phone conversations with customers while another is more adept at communicating with payers and a third shines in written or text communication.

Strategically assigning staff members to roles that match their strengths can significantly enhance retention, productivity and patient satisfaction.

Base your management on the data

This is possible with modern UCaaS platforms like RingCentral and others. The data is in-depth, detailed, easily and readily interrogated and presentable in any form.

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