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The Right To Disconnect

I help businesses investigate options on improving their ability to stay connected with staff and allow them to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The downside of this is that you can be easily connected and contacted when you should be relaxing after hours. The good news is this “digital leash” can and should be turned off when it’s time to chill.

Recently it’s been reported that unions in Australia are pushing to give workers the legal right to ignore non-emergency out-of-hours work calls, texts and emails. As we all slowly return from our Easter holidays its important to reflect on the value of work-life balance.

Here is a nice summary of 5 reasons I found:

- To maintain your mental health - avoid burnout;

- To ensure your physical health and wellbeing;

- Want more productivity? Make sure your staff and balance;

- Become a more rounded individual;

- You only have one life – so go for it.

And here is my little Easter pic from Golspie, NSW…finding balance.

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