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Automate your customer support with visual engagement, supported by AI and augmented reality

TechSee empowers the service teams of global telecom groups to deliver effortless CX, simplify onboarding, troubleshooting and billing, reduce costly truck rolls and enhance self-service.

TechSee’s visual assistance platform enhances customer service by integrating visual tools with existing tech setups, improving agent support and automating visual tasks.

Remote Visual Support (RVS) lowers operational costs and boosts digital customer service quality, leading to higher satisfaction, fewer calls, and less need for technician visits, optimising efficiency in contact centres and field operations.

Telecommunication providers can increase call deflection with visual self-service to simplify the installation, setup and troubleshooting of communication devices.

With TechSee’s patented technology, a visual tech assistant guides your customers, reducing escalations to assisted service.

A customer using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Key benefits of augmented visual customer support

Optimise contact centre performance

Reduce long hold times and multiple call-backs that lead to poor Customer Experience (CX). 

Visual guidance and AI-driven automated support helps offset calls, reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) and increase First-Contact Resolution (FCR).

TechSee app showing solutions for the telecommunications industry

Drive self-service and customer satisfaction

In the digital era, customers increasingly prefer self-service options. Enhancing self-service capabilities allows customers to solve their problems independently, reducing call volumes and raising higher satisfaction levels.

Optimise field services

Minimise costly repeat visits and rework by ensuring job quality with visual verification tools.

By confirming the success of each work order on the first attempt, you can reduce unnecessary service calls and boost first-time fix rates.

A remote technician using TechSee remote visual support
A customer support agent using TechSee to provide remote visual real-time assessment and self-service visual intelligence

Reduce operation costs

Managing high call volumes and unnecessary on-site visits can escalate operational costs for contact centres.

By addressing customer needs remotely and leveraging visual assistance technology, you can significantly lower these expenses, streamline performance and reduce the need for rework.

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