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TechSee provides remote visual real-time assessment and self-service visual intelligence

See how you can improve property and facilities management by harnessing AI, AR and real-time video collaborations.

Getting more for less in property inspection and maintenance operations

Remote Visual Support (RVS) enables thorough remote inspections, significantly reducing the need for onsite visits or multiple truck deployment. It allows self-service visual intelligence, reducing costs and enhancing accuracy.

Key benefits include:

  • Cost savings – reduce truck rolls, better triage of requirements
  • Improved efficiency in business processes
  • Enhanced accuracy in evaluations
  • Triage of maintenance requests
  • Reduced inbound contact centre calls and overtime
  • Improved Customer Experience (CX) through faster resolution
A customer using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance

Improved customer experience

Users commonly experience streamlined operations, faster resolution times and increased customer satisfaction.

Better cyclical management through information

Through self service visual intelligence and live visual engagement you can gather more useful data about the state of the property and future repairs that may be coming up greatly assisting your ability to project costs and budgets.

A field services remote technician using the TechSee app for remote visual assistance
A customer using the TechSee app and remote visual support for property maintenance

Better health outcomes

Remote visual assistance not only optimises resource allocation – it also adheres to public health safety protocols (for COVID-19 and other contagious diseases) by minimising unnecessary physical contact.

This makes it a comprehensive and effective solution for the real estate and insurance sectors.

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