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Revolutionise your business with cloud telephony in Australia

Cloud telephony leverages the power of the cloud to handle voice and data services, transforming how companies manage their communication infrastructure. 

Understanding cloud telephony

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony — often called hosted telephony or cloud-based telephony — is a communication system that operates through the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.

What are the benefits of cloud telephony?

Scalable communication

Cloud telephony is highly scalable, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup, SME or large enterprise, you can easily adjust the number of phone lines and features as your needs change.

Remote work enablement

Cloud telephony enables seamless communication for remote teams. Employees can make and receive calls from anywhere via the Internet, fostering collaboration and productivity.

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Cost-effective solution

Cloud telephony eliminates the need to invest in hardware and equipment, allowing businesses to cut expenses while accessing advanced communication features.

Enhanced customer experience

Cloud telephony empowers businesses with advanced call routing and IVR systems. Calls are efficiently routed to the best departments or agents, so customers experience improved customer satisfaction.

Analytics and insights

Cloud telephony systems often have built-in analytics and reporting features. Businesses can gain insights into call patterns, customer behaviour, and agent performance, so you can improve your processes.

Integration capabilities

Many cloud telephony providers offer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow seamless integration with other business tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, helpdesk systems, and marketing automation platforms.

How is cloud telephony useful for businesses today?

Flexibility and mobility

With cloud telephony services such as RingCentral, businesses can free themselves from the limitations of physical phone systems. Employees can use their smartphones, laptops, or any internet-enabled device to access their business phone lines. This flexibility enhances mobility and ensures constant connectivity.

Business continuity

Traditional phone systems are vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural disasters or technical issues. Cloud telephony provides built-in redundancy and disaster recovery measures, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in challenging situations.

Professional ensuring business continuity with RingCentral cloud communications solutions
Professionals using cloud telephony with virtual phone numbers to make calls from various countries

Global reach

For businesses with international clients or teams, cloud telephony offers the ability to obtain virtual phone numbers from various countries. This makes it easier for customers to connect with businesses without incurring expensive international call charges.

Efficient call handling

Cloud telephony systems can intelligently handle call volumes, prioritise calls based on parameters, and implement call forwarding to ensure customers always reach the right agent. This efficiency improves response times and overall customer experience.

Customer service agent using cloud technology to improves response times and overall customer experience
IT professional using RingCentral cloud communications technology

Cost savings

Cloud telephony helps businesses save on infrastructure costs, maintenance, and hardware. The reduced need for dedicated IT staff to manage the system results in further cost savings.

Cloud telephony services in the Australian market

Finding the best cloud telephony provider

Are you considering adopting cloud telephony for your business? To make an informed decision, consider the following factors when choosing the best cloud telephony provider.

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