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Metrigy Microsoft Teams Telephony 2022 Report

Metrigy Microsoft Teams Telephony 2022 Report

Microsoft Teams & telephony – why businesses prefer UCaaS providers

The Metrigy Microsoft Teams Telephony 2022 report emphasises the strategic advantage of integrating UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) with Microsoft Teams.

This is vital for businesses seeking to optimise telecom expenses, enhance reliability and access advanced calling features.

Teams and UCaaS

The report reveals that 88% of businesses using Microsoft Teams for messaging and meetings – alongside a separate UCaaS provider for calling – intend to maintain this setup due to cost efficiency and superior service reliability.

Highlights of an in-depth analysis of the benefits of using a separate UCaaS provider with Microsoft Teams:

  • Cost efficiency: Significant savings on operational costs compared to using Microsoft’s native calling solutions. On average, businesses using a separate UCaaS provider spend less, with Microsoft being the most expensive option.
  • Reliability: Higher reliability metrics for UCaaS providers compared to Microsoft’s offerings, ensuring minimal downtime and consistent service availability.
  • Global coverage and features: Enhanced global coverage and access to a wider range of calling features, including advanced contact centre functions and CRM integrations, not fully available with Microsoft Teams alone.
  • Flexibility and integration: The ability to integrate UCaaS seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing a unified user experience without the need for additional training or software and facilitating easier adoption and usage.


For businesses evaluating Microsoft Teams Telephony, considering UCaaS integration offers benefits in cost, reliability, and feature access. It is a preferable strategy for optimising telecommunications infrastructure.

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