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ATB Morton creates future growth and customer service innovation

ATB Morton has replaced its legacy telephony environment with a RingCentral unified communications as a service solution to provide quality and operating efficiency improvements across its operations in Australia.

Building Construction

Newcastle, Australia



“Our business planning process highlighted the need to improve our systems to provide quality service to our clients. Through our use of information and business intelligence to improve our own processes, we improved the customer experience and provide greater value to our clients.” 

Tony Flynn
IT Manager at ATB Morton

With extensive experience in the construction of a broad range of industrial buildings, ATB Morton offers custom-designed and constructed projects through design, planning and project management.

Their group of businesses include mixed concrete, hot dip galvanising, precast concrete panels, structural steel fabrication and more, to meet the needs of any scale and budget.

They have over 40 years of experience in providing construction products and services. ATB Morton has helped and delivered design, construction, land and build, and turnkey lease solutions for projects large and small.

ATB Morton’s values focus on integrity, collaboration, accountability and excellence in the services and products it provides. They are dedicated to offering affordable and efficient solutions for building projects and industrial construction needs.

The team excels in creating bespoke solutions, leveraging expertise in design, planning and project management.

The diverse range of services provided by their group of companies enhances their capabilities, enabling substantial control over key supply chains and subcontractor engagements. This approach minimises risk and enhances quality control, delivery and customisation.

Their aim is to make the construction experience as seamless and as stress-free as possible.

Range of projects

At ATB Morton, they have a rich history of expertise in constructing various types of projects, including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory spaces
  • Industrial units
  • Retail spaces and showrooms
  • Service stations
  • Institutional and educational buildings
  • Civil and infrastructure works

To enable and support the growth and development of its services, ATB Morton has been investing in technology to improve platforms, systems and digital capabilities, both for greater customer service and to streamline service delivery.

ATB Morton operations

ATB Morton has been focused on updating, consolidating and modernising systems and platforms, primarily to continue to drive a better and more efficient customer experience.

“Our business planning process highlighted the need to improve our systems to provide quality service to our clients. Through our use of information and business intelligence to improve our own processes, we can improve the customer experience and provide greater value to our clients.” 

Tony Flynn, IT Manager at ATB Morton.

Choosing RingCentral UCaaS enterprise support

ATB Morton’s ageing, stand-alone telephony platform was quickly becoming difficult to manage and support compared to more modern options.

After seeing a demonstration of RingCentral MVP in late 2022, ATB Morton recognised the solution as a cloud service that would help meet its future needs.

‘If we can easily manage our diverse groups’ communications needs through one portal, that makes it a lot easier to manage, and free up time for other projects,” said Mr Flynn.

Benefits of RingCentral UCaaS

Native integration with ATB Morton’s Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has enhanced internal communications.

The cloud-based UCaaS platform has also reduced the complexity and administrative burden in regard to compliance with security certification and administration requirements and with business continuity planning (BCP).

The RingCentral platform provides ATB Morton with a 99.999% uptime SLA, and enterprise-grade security and privacy compliance.

Mr Flynn believes that the ease of use and management of their communication needs using RingCentral has saved hours per month in his IT team’s time – allowing resources to be redeployed on other innovation programs.

Accelerating digital customer service

Phase one of the RingCentral project was replacing and consolidating the existing telephony environment with a single cloud-based platform across Australia for all their construction groups.

Phase two will see RingCentral helping to consolidate their customer calls through a single 1-300 funnel to help provide a more accountable customer experience.

Additional features for mobility and customer engagement will be incorporated over time, including better call management and advanced features to improve call routing and handling.

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