Cloud communication trends 2024

Cloud Telephony

As the calendar marks the return of prediction season, we take the opportunity to look into the future of enterprise communications, reflecting on the past year’s forecasts and setting our sights on 2024.

Artificial intelligence

The spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) within enterprise communications grows ever brighter as we delve deeper into AI’s potential, exploring its ability to deliver tangible benefits, refine use cases, and enhance governance to minimise bias. However, insights from the field suggest a cautious optimism.

Many businesses are still navigating their AI journey, with widespread deployment and best practices yet to materialise fully. The focus for 2024 is on discerning the leaders in AI technology, particularly among large language model (LLM) vendors, and identifying use cases that offer real return on investment (ROI). The aim is to incrementally deploy AI where it can enhance efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

Self-service automation

Self-service automation and the use of AI in customer experiences have surged, thanks in part to the advent of LLMs, making solutions like intelligent voice agents more accessible and cost-effective. The coming year will broaden the AI application scope to include agent and supervisor support, moving beyond the initial, more straightforward applications.

Unified Communications as a Service platforms

Reflecting on the evolution of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms, the past year has seen significant differentiation and integration, enhancing their value for various workplace roles. The integration of UCaaS and Contact Centre as a Service (CcaaS) is set to evolve further, leveraging AI to create more dynamic, effective workflows that actively engage employees and customers.

The discourse around AI’s role in enhancing meetings and facilitating a return to office work underscores its transformative impact. Hybrid events are poised for a redefinition, becoming more integrated with UCaaS offerings and increasingly normative.

In conclusion, the consensus for 2024 centres on further demonstrating AI’s value across UCaaS and CCaaS, the enhancement of hybrid event experiences, and a strategic emphasis on leveraging AI to streamline operations, economise, and enrich user engagements. The journey into the next phase of enterprise communication, enriched by AI, promises exciting developments and opportunities for innovation.

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