Business Continuity

A business continuity plan (BCP) is critical for every business large or small.  The plan outlines how a business will maintain its critical operations in case of disruption like lack of Internet, cyber attacks, or other disruptions.

Despite its importance, 75% of small businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan.

Events like the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that anything can happen when It’s tempting to think that you won’t encounter any disasters. All businesses in every industry, both large and small need a business continuity plans to survive.


Those with remote communication solutions already in place, by and large, have found it much easier to bounce back.  An example of “remote communications” is simply placing a core functionality in the cloud.  This includes your communications like phone, messaging and video.

We can help you build your own business continuity plan by providing a template.  We can show you how placing many of your core services into the cloud can greatly contribute to that plan as well.  What’s more, how to measure the quality and integrity of the vendors of those services as you will be adopting their own BCP arrangements.