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Provide instant visual support with TechSee

Increasing demand, higher health and safety compliance, and ongoing pressure to deliver a better customer experience call for a new approach to field services and asset management support requirements.

Visual engagement uses video and augmented reality to transform your customer experience and improve business outcomes.
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Empower your tenants/prospects/remote staff with visual self-guided image and information input

Provide a fully tailored a self-guided visual option where

information can be submitted when convenient.  

Examples: quotes for EV Recharger Installations,

Property Maintenance requests, remote inspections, audits, job confirmation and more.

Create complex work flows and link to your systems to create work order.

 This is what remote visual support
looks like

 Get proven ROI and consistent KPI improvements

How it works

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Assisted service

The customer service agent establishes a live stream with the tenant in a web browser.


They view the tenant’s issue in video or photo mode, and using a pointer or AR tools, they visually guide the tenant, allowing a detailed remote inspection.

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Visual self-service

A guided visual self-service flow is used by tenants to automated image capture, driving call deflection, improving customer experience and reducing operational costs.


AI can also be used to diagnose and guide the user. 

 Get a live demo


Scan on mobile to experience a sample self-guided property maintenance request that helps reduce cost, improve tenant experience and the accuracy of information collected.
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See how LiveWest improved property management with remote visual assistance

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As one of the leading community housing organisations in the UK, LiveWest wanted to improve tenants’ and engineers’ experience whilst reducing operational costs. To ensure service delivery continuity and improve tenants’ experience, they looked for a way to remotely assess maintenance requirements quickly and accurately.

After working through an initial discovery, we showcased the LiveWest owns and manages over 40,000 properties. Its contact centre handles over 1,000 calls a day related to urgent repairs and routine maintenance.

With a team of 400 service workers, the organisation used to send an engineer to a property twice, first to assess the issue and then to complete the work.

“With TechSee we can book home inspections, which can now be done by the supervisor from home or in the office, delivering efficiencies by eliminating travel time and fuel costs.”

Oliver Cox, Business Partner Neighbourhoods and Customer Service, LiveWest.

Improving service delivery

LiveWest implemented TechSee’s AI-powered visual assistance solution in its contact centre for tenant inspections. 


As well as reducing travel time and the associated costs, the organisation has now achieved rapid improvements in its first-time fix rate for issues such as broken water heaters, blocked toilets, condensation and damp.

99% of customer support agents said visual assistance helps them resolve issues without dispatching engineers, and 89% reported that it saves them time. When asked: “How helpful was this visual session?” 94% of tenants gave the experience a 5-star rating.

Unified communications for community housing

We help companies navigate cloud transformation, ultimately enabling them to perform at levels they never thought possible.


Start connecting the dots and fix the hidden inefficiencies in your organisations performance.

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