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Pondsplash seeks a highly flexible cloud telephony /video conferencing capability - read on....

Pondsplash seeks a highly flexible cloud telephony /video conferencing capability to establish a national presence and support remote specialists.

We are happy that Sam Mehana of Pondsplash approached Donnabrook to discuss their business and growth plans and how they could optimise their communications and collaboration environment to have the best customer and employee experience.

Donnabrook’s process was the same with all organisations in assisting them in their investigations; understand your current situation, your challenges, what your ideal state should be, and what options do you have.

Based in Sydney, Pondsplash are focused on developing and manage digital landscapes for businesses with expertise in ecommerce, digital marketing, web and search ranking (you can insert statistics here on your growth? Size – go ahead and flatter yourself). In Sam’s words,

“we needed a reliable, credible and robust cloud telephony, video and messaging capability that was highly flexible and easy to manage. Donnabrook was able to help us assess our options and migrate us to RingCentral. We can now easily collaborate with our mobile and distributed specialists, establish and manage a national state capital contact presence and engage our customers without requiring a separate video conferencing service.

We are looking forward to working with Pondsplash to help them become one of Australia’s leading (fill in here?).

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