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Open APIs and the Future of Customer Experience

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The two go hand in hand.

I enjoy helping organisations address their digital transformation needs by helping them move to a leading cloud telephony (+messaging/video) service. However, customer’s expectations are constantly shifting, with new benchmarks to meet every day.

What is becoming increasingly essential is that these cloud services provide a track record of continuous innovation and equally importantly very accessible integration resources with APIs and pre-existing ready-to-use app integrations for widely used business tools.

“What I need is a very tightly integrated set of tools” – disability employment services CEO

“We need to meet new reporting requirements that will be released in 12 months. How do we plan for that if we don’t know what they are?” – Aged Care CIO

“We have critical customer information in two separate systems without a single view and reliant on manual entry of customer engagements” – Construction Equipment Dealer, Customer Service Manager

The common thread is clear. When selecting a cloud business service consider ensure the service is highly flexible (low or no code), has a strong track record of innovation, is rich in functionality and open to integration.

This article talks about “composability” and the modular approach to building business solutions using one vendor (RingCentral) as an example of how that is done and what is available.



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