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Is your remote team connected?

The Secret to Sustainable Remote Work Can Be Found in a Connected Culture Written by Jeremiah Owyang

How Are You Holding Up?

That’s exactly the question we asked 4,000 remote workers in a recent survey to find out how they’re adjusting and adapting to what has become an extended period of working from home, with no end in sight for many.

We wanted to know about their physical or mental well-being and whether they were feeling disconnected from others. Were they struggling with technology or with accessing information and if so, how was that impacting productivity? Was their company taking steps to help them?

In recent months, headlines about remote work have focused on remote work fatigue and speculated about workers heading back to the office – or not – and what that return might look like. But looking beyond that, we longed for insight about the human impact on remote workers – and so we conducted our own survey. Read full article here...

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