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“Implementing cloud is not an IT project – it’s about business transformation…”

“Implementing cloud is not an IT project – it’s about business transformation…” (Wilson Wong, GP Batteries)

I know cloud transformation is a common topic, but this short article from Harvard Business Review has some stories of different company’s transformations and their impact, within Asia Pacific that I thought might be interesting; Transformation in the Cloud: Driving Enterprise Growth Across Asia Pacific.

With business services increasingly coming from the cloud (SaaS), the non-technical part is far more important and requires full commitment and involvement at all levels.

Here are some other highlights that I liked:

- The big drivers for cloud transformation journey remain to be greater agility, scalability, and flexibility.

- Agility means real time predictive insights to enable businesses to become more proactive.

- Interoperability – allows the integration of different systems to gain more wholistic view e.g. CRM with voice, help desk

- Staff have a better experience through cloud-based work with innovation and improvements then managing infrastructure operations.

- Overcoming adoption reluctance – examples and ideas

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