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Customer Loyalty and Churn

As I embrace the world of customer experience by helping companies in Australia leverage TechSee, a global leading remote visual support platform, its both exciting and overwhelming how much scope there is to improve customer experience by simply adding a secure and controlled visual element to a support call.

The drivers for a transition are partly highlighted in this survey, 2022 State of Customer Loyalty and Churn Report: The Impact of the Pandemic on the Customer Service Industry.

This report covers the key drivers behind churn stemming from poor customer service and how to combat them. Insights include:

  • How have loyalty trends shifted since the pandemic?

  • How do poor experiences impact loyalty behavior?

  • What makes a customer more likely to churn to your competitors?

  • Which retention strategies are most effective, and which are a drain on resources?

  • And more…

Key Insights:

  1. 1 in 3 customer lack brand loyalty, resulting in passive churn to a competitor

  2. Churn from poor customer service is up 10% post-pandemic

  3. Reactive retention strategies are costly

  4. 80% of customers churned due to dissatisfaction with service quality.

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