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Compass Housing Services use RingCentral to support a hybrid on...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Compass Housing Services and Donnabrook use RingCentral to support a hybrid workforce, improve tenant experience and improve business processes.

We are excited to partner with Compass Housing Services to help support their digital transformation to cloud unified communications.

Compass Housing Services (Compass) is one of Australia’s largest non-government social housing providers with over 35 years of experience in providing secure and affordable housing for low-income households.

Under covid conditions with staff working remotely, they sought an effective way for their staff to collaborate and communicate with each other and with tenants. “We needed a highly flexible, functionally rich, and completely untethered unified communication service enabling us to expand, enhance and digitise our services while continuing to meet our compliance requirements”, said Kent Chalmers, GCTO of Compass Housing.

We look forward to helping Compass Housing become the premium public housing provider in Australia.

Donnabrook provides digital transformation unified communications advisory services and is a referral partner for RingCentral, a global leading cloud service combining phone, messaging and video. Donnabrook has offices in Newcastle and Sydney and helps organisations address challenges in customer and employee experience, cyber security, compliance and integration/business process improvement that are impacted by unified communications.

We are looking forward to working with Compass Housing Services to help them deliver on their commitment to provide the best experience for tenants of social housing and to continue to be an employer of choice in Australia.

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