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The Impact of Video Conferencing?

Among the many things that have turned on their heads in 2020, video conferencing takes the spotlight. Before COVID-19, video meetings were often seen as a last resort: whether it meant heading to a conference room for a group brainstorm or hopping on a plane to meet with clients, in-person meetings were still the gold standard.

That all changed with COVID-19, when everything from baby showers and weddings to performance reviews and AGMs went online. During just a single one-week period in March, at the beginning of lockdowns, global users downloaded a record 62 million video conferencing apps. And businesses are unlikely to ever go back.

Sure, email may still be the preferred method of workplace communication across generations, and contact modes such as the telephone and team messaging may not require you to put on a clean shirt or brush your hair. Even so, the cold, hard data shows there’s nothing quite like video. Here are four stats that demonstrate why video conferencing is here to stay. Click here to read the full article



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