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Avoid Confusion: Combine hold time with visual self-service.

Every contact centre agent knows that making decisions regarding, for example, the roll out of a truck for a warranty repair based only on a conversation, can be challenging. The information provided may be inaccurate, less of a priority then was indicated, or could have been resolved on the phone. You might also be speaking to a customer who was on hold for 20 minutes and is rather frustrated and wanting a quick solution.

Now imagine a scenario where a customer calls with a support or warranty need and while on hold they are able to opt-in to a visual journey that allows them to input information into a form and submit images of their issue without losing a place in their queue.

Now when an agent answers the call they have a wealth of information in front of them like serial numbers, ID numbers, images to identify the product - all in advance I'm taking on the customer call. This is possible by integrating a remote visual engagement/support services with your telephony IVR. This could provide a range of benefits:

Streamline Call Preparation: Encourage customers to submit essential details in advance, optimizing call routing and equipping agents with preliminary information before they even pick up.

Boost First Time Resolution: Obtaining customer information can empower agents to address concerns more swiftly and with enhanced accuracy.

Tailored Customer Interactions: Utilize visual self-service to craft customized experiences for customers, presenting unique forms and visuals based on their specific requirements.

Direct CRM Integration: Let the visual journeys funnel data straight into your CRM, eliminating the need for agents to input information post-call.

Slash AHT: Facilitate pre-call form submissions and image uploads for customers, minimizing the queries agents need to make, subsequently trimming down the Average Handling Time (AHT).

Reduce Hold Times: this always provides a better customer experience. Less time on hold.

Improve Customer Experience: When customers spend less time on the phone and feel that their issue has been resolved quickly and accurately, they are more likely to give your company a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Increased Employee Satisfaction: Agents will appreciate not having to spend as much time summarizing and putting data into the CRM system. This will free up their time so they can focus on resolving customer issues.

Finally, While in the call, if additional information is still required, the customer service agent can forward an SMS to the caller and initiate a live visual support session to ensure all the necessary information is gather to make an accurate decision.



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