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Making company calls from a mobile number?

Updated: Mar 30

Are your company calls being made from a mobile number or worse, a personal mobile number?

Are employees juggling 2 phones - one for work, one personal? There is a better way.

And it’s simple.

The company extension, or the common misnomer the landline, when accessed through a global leading cloud telephony service, is more mobile than a mobile number. You can access it from any device, anywhere at any time. And I mean anywhere you have access to the Internet. Not that you would want a work call while on holiday overseas.

The business company extension on your mobile phone.

Use your personal mobile phone or company mobile phone (not to be confused with a mobile number) and just push another button to make work calls. Why?

• Just one handset to carry around. Yours.

• Access your same company number from desktop, tablet, mobile

• Make and receive calls from anywhere you have Internet access

• Make and receive calls from any office number, blocked number, direct extension, from anywhere. You choose. Need to call a client in Perth from Sydney? Call from the Perth office from your phone.

• Transfer calls and tell the recipient who the call is from before transferring, manage your own redirect, record, audio conference, set all calls to redirect when you finish work.

• Auto capture call activity in your CRM linked to your contacts

• Capture all call analytics, history, report, export. Telco Carriage is included with all the leading provides so no more complicated, multi-page telephone bills

• Phone number STAYS with the company when the employee leaves protecting your brand and relationships

On the other hand, what you’ll get making calls from a mobile number:

• Limited call features

• Limited call history information

• Usually more expensive

Data based calls are here to stay

Virtual company extensions through cloud based telephony providers are enabled through the Internet and with 91% of Australians having access to the Internet (Statista 2022) the use of data for phone calls will only increase. 90% of mobile calls in Australia are made within buildings (Telstra Report) thus increasing the likelihood of wifi availability as well, so data based calls are here to stay.

This also means potential huge savings in cost. One global cloud telephony provider cited a client that recently moved 1,500 staff on company mobile handsets from their voice & data plans to data only to make company calls using virtual company extensions.

In the end its all upside.

So, better customer experience, better employee experience, more accessibility, improved business processes, and potential lower costs. In addition, the global cloud telephony vendors provide a native cloud service and thus providing the resilience, scale, flexibility and low/no IT dependency you would expect from digital transformation.

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