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AI-Driven Visual Intelligence

Very excited to be helping organisations in Australia find value from the visual intelligence platform, TechSee.

Reposting here the words from Scott Petty, CTO of Vodafone Spain regarding their 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Awards using the TechSee Visual Intelligence studio to drive customer satisfaction and increase first-time resolution rates.

"Vodafone Spain has been named a winner in the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Awards for allowing customers to install a TV set top box and router using #AI within the #MyVodafone app.

Partnering with computer vision technology company, TechSee, Vodafone is giving customers a personalised, immersive guide to getting connected. Using TechSee’s Visual Intelligence Studio, we can create computer vision AI models and digital workflows that allow consumers to self-service.

Every step is 100% digital through the MyVodafone app and my colleagues in Spain have seen a drastic improvement in customer satisfaction and an increase in first-time resolution rates.

Well done team. You have shown the digital journey can be a smooth ride for customers."

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