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A story of passion and what just might happen if you follow it.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Hi All. Sharing a story of my daughter made possible by the incredible efforts of director Justine Moyle. Everyone has a story and this is just one but I think this story touches us all in terms of the value of focus and commitment, following our passion and how we have all been impacted by the global pandemic. Follow your passion. Be prepared for anything and roll with it. Live slowly. Laugh quickly.

...from Justine...

Well hello there LinkedIn.. please excuse any typos or guffs being my first post on the platform. Please be kind :) I made a film, thanks to an incredible crew and my tenacious & extraordinary producer Jo Austin of Candid Films. A Feature Length Documentary, all about a girl finding her way in the world. She also happens to be the first female to represent Australia in Park Skateboarding at the Olympics in August. It's out next week in Australian cinemas for one week only. Find all the details and session times at #director #debut #documentaryfilm #skateboarding #premier #directorlife #independentfilmmaker



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