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A few points about TRUST

A shout out to Charles Green and Andrea Howe, authors of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook. I’ve always made the effort to continually study and learn especially when you think you’ve “got it”. But they have reminded me yet again that you can always learn or refresh your knowledge. They discuss what trust is all about. Just sharing a few points that are now key principals for me and I think somewhat poignant globally now:

- It is not enough to be right. You must earn the right to be right. “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care”.

- Trust is reciprocal – you get what you give. If you listen to people, they are more likely to listen to you.

- Listen better; don’t build a better case. Friedman said, “Its not what you hear by listening that’s important. It’s what you say what you hear that’s important.

- Curiosity trumps knowing; curiosity builds relationships – it is intrinsically other-focused – that is, on the person(s) you are engaging – this way you are constantly poised to learn, to create a connection and to positively influence.

Wishing everyone a better year in 2021 filled with more vulnerability, honesty, transparency and trust.

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