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"...A disruptive threat to death can be as short as 12 to 18 months..."

Happy to have received a copy of Matthew Tice’s latest book: Insurgence: How Established Incumbents Can Operate Like Nimble Insurgents in Fast Changing and Volatile Markets

I talk to organisations every day about their operations and their current situation and challenges they face to continue growth and meet their goals. I am struck by the relevance of Matt’s comments in his prologue as it relates to the reservations commonly presented to me; the risk of change. And yet in my area of focus change is what is most needed to optimise operational flexibility and scale.

Matt writes…

“The one universal truth in business as we enter the middle part of the 21st century is that the pace of change is accelerating to such a degree that the foundations of the global economy and its participants are increasingly unstable for established players.

The content is based on 3 key questions he asks:

1. How stable is the environment surrounding your business?

2. How robust is your business model to the change surrounding the business?

3. Can established incumbents learn to operate like nimble insurgents?

Look forward to reading this. Thanks Matt.

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