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We help NDIS, CHP, Health and related industries address key questions when evaluating cloud telephony or remote visual support services
  • How will cloud telephony service help my Support Coordinators, OTs and other staff properly claim for support provided to participants?

  • Are phone records properly documented to support claims/payment requests?

  • Will this cloud service help support my digital transformation strategy?

  • How will it help simplify my operations but increase capability at the same time?

  • Will it be a service that will grow with my operations?

  • Will it provide the flexibility I need to cater to changing NDIS policies?

  • How does it help eliminate all voice related telco carriage costs and telco bill complexity?

  • What's in it for the employees?

  • How will it help reduce our risk of business continuity, disaster recovery, cyber security

Remote Visual Support Service

Property management

  • How can you cut repair and maintenance costs

  • Enhance the tenant experience

  • Remotely supervise an inspection of a home and eliminate time travel

  • Conduct water leak assessments

  • Identify required parts, correct tradesman

  • Remote resolution of water heater etc

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