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Improve customer experience and reduce spend with cloud telephony

Siloed systems, mobility issues and a changing technology landscape makes community housing and customer service more complex than ever.
Start connecting the dots and fix the hidden inefficiencies in your organisations performance.
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Perform at levels you never thought possible

Our cloud telephony solutions brings together voice, video, chat and contact centre capabilities in the cloud with the added benefit of no on site hardware or gateways required.


With one intelligent system of communication, community housing organisations can work effectively and efficiently, sharing information with colleagues quickly and securely. Whether there’s one, or hundreds of locations, all communications can be managed from a single online administration portal.

 This is what exceptional customer experience looks like

How we help

Creating limitless value


We help you through the needs assessment stage to evaluate your requirements and assess the best cloud telephony solutions for your community housing organisation. Through our partnerships with some of the world’s top UCaSS vendors, we ensure due diligence and help negotiate commercial arrangements. We are vendor agnostic – if there’s a more suitable vendor, we’ll be the first to advise.


Ensuring smooth implementation with a crawl, walk, run approach


We take an iterative approach to ensure smooth rollout and adoption to maximise widespread value quickly, without overwhelming teams or sacrificing strategy.


We stay committed to your ongoing success with support, helping you see the hidden value opportunities.

See how Home in Place accelerated digital customer service with cloud telephony

As one of the largest non-government providers of social housing in Australia, Home in Place needed to improve its digital service platforms and capabilities for greater customer web-based self-service, and to provide a better customer experience to tenants digitally.

After working through an initial discovery, we showcased the RingCentral MVP and Contact Centre to Home in Place.

“Donnabrook kicked off the relationship with RingCentral, and their ability to convey their capabilities was really important to this project and getting it off the ground.”

Kent Chalmers, Group Chief Technology Officer, Home in Place.

Enhancing communication


Native integration with Home in Place’s Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has enhanced internal communications. The UCaaS and CCaaS platform has also reduced the complexity and administrative burden with regards to compliance with security certification and regulatory requirements, and with the organisation’s business continuity planning (BCP). 

Crawling, walking, then running to organisation-wide value

Phase one of the RingCentral project was replacing and consolidating an ageing telephony and contact centre environment with a single cloud-based platform across Australia and New Zealand.


Phase two will see RingCentral integrated with Home in Place’s CRM and ERP systems, allowing Home in Place to deliver a more rapid and personalised response to customers.

This includes calls to the contact centre, web chat functionality for tenants, supporting the rollout of digital self-services, and introducing chatbots to answer common questions and simple data such as rental balances.

Our partners

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Unified communications for community housing

We help companies navigate cloud transformation, ultimately enabling them to perform at levels they never thought possible.


Start connecting the dots and fix the hidden inefficiencies in your organisations performance.

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